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We Offer legal, fiscal and administrative services to defend our customer´s rights via the interposition of defense means stipulated in our legislation.

Our specialized staff is prepared to counsel and represent your company before the authorities in case the probation faculties performed by the authorities begin, stablishing that since the very beginning we choose the right strategy that minimizes the economic impact for your enterprise.

Our expertise áreas are:

  • Fiscal Credits granted by the Customs Authorities
  • Foreign Trade Administrative Procedure (precautionary seizures)
  • Penalties
  • Dumping
  • Electronic Audits
  • Liquidations derived from an official inspection
  • Customs Patents suspension, cancelation and extinction.
  • Penalties accredited for subject that commit statutory offences sanctioned by law, derived exclusively from foreign trade acts, including tax evasion, contraband and all tantamount offences according to the Federation´s Fiscal Code provisions.
  • Origin Resolutions Litigation
  • National Importers Registry Reincorpartion
  • International Contracts
  • Customs Examination (before or after the customs brokerag
  • Merchandise Verification during transportation
  • Address visits
  • Cabinet Review or Information Request
  • Notifications from the Foreign Trade Audits General Administration