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We offer learning alternatives to develop skills and stay updated in different Foreign Trade topics.

Our methodology gathers the legal and theoretical concepts that provide your executives with the skills to perform a comprehensive analysis to achieve a high-level in Foreign Trade operations.

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In 2019 we consolidated our position as the leading company in Foreign Trade training. We successfully imparted 166 courses, 5 seminars, 3 diploma courses, 8 master´s degree, and 1 Exporta convention with over 5200 attendees from more than 1673 enterprises located in 25 different cities of the Mexican Republic..

Our main courses are:

21st Century Customs Office, safe and competitive.
Optimal Customs Regime Selection
100% Electronic Customs Clearance
Foreign Trade Act, Non-Tariff Regulations Compliance & Official Mexican Standards (NOMs)
Tariff Classification of goods, the basis for a successful operation
Customs Valuation of goods for taxable base determination
Foreign Trade contribution´s calculation
IMMEX, successful management
Foreign Trade Safety, a key factor competitiveness for Certified Enterprises (NEEC)
Efficient use of Free Trade Agreements
Rules & Certificates of Origin
Correct Entry Summary Filling
Preventive Audit of Foreign Trade Audit
Foreign Trade Sanctions & Penalties
Authorities Probation Faculties and Administrative Procedure in Customs Matters (PAMA)
Logistics as a competitive strategy
International Transport Management
INCOTERMS and Export Prices
International Cargo Insurance
4.0 Logistics: Smart logistics solutions
CPTPP Logistics: Challenges & Opportunities.
Marketing and International Negotiation
Export Business Plan
International Contracts
International Payment Forms
Credit Letters

We also have an In-house Training specialized area:

We develop courses according to our customers’ needs, they define the topic, the date and the venue.