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With the main aim to facilitate the inventory control, the customs operations management, the guarantees and credit accounts control among others, we have a software selection that will improve your foreign trade operations.

IMMEX enterprises obligations compliance


The best choice for temporary import inventory control. Complying with the Foreign Trade General Rules Annex 24 and 31 provisions, SICOMEX offers you the following:

  • Import & Export modules observing the permanence terms according to the type of merchandise and enterprise.
  • Direct backflush module, regime changes, regularizations, returns on the same state, among others.
  • Modules for Merchandise Transfer Proof (MTP) for the automotive industry
  • Free Trade Agreements module for obligations´ calculation for NAFTA and the European Treaties.
  • Report modules for decision making and compliance probation before the authorities.
  • Automated Information Interface to upload information.
  • Validation modules to detect information errors before and after the discharges
  • .TXT file generation to discharge Annex 31 fiscal credits

Our software facilitates your foreign trade operations management via electronic files retrieval, the same one that the customs authorities possess and that will be required in case the authorities exercises its probation faculties. ANA offers you the following:

  • Foreign trade files module
  • Fiscal Information module
  • Fixed assets module
  • COVE module
  • Digitalization mode
  • Accounting reports module
  • Alert´s module



For IMMEX enterprises that have authorization on the Enterprises Certification Scheme and for those that have uploaded backflush files on the Guarantees and Credits Account Control System, it is a powerful tool to perform a correct merchandise inventory control, temporary import balances, as well as the monthly or bimonthly discharge reports. CONTROL 31 offers you the following:

  • Upload your initial inventory and monthly or bimonthly files to be audited.
  • Alerts when there in incomplete information on every entry summar
  • Backflush file correction and generation of new .TXT files
  • Global account consult and by tariff code.



STOW is a software tool to maximize the benefits of transport and storage.

  • Intelligent Freight Volume System to plan deliveries
  • Sets delivery routes
  • Smart accommodation facilitating the delivery
  • Unitarizes
  • Consolidates
  • Selects the ideal transport
  • Maximizes the volumetric capacity
  • Automatic Allocation of units
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for exploitation and cost